Best Flowers To Gift To Your Girlfriend and Wife

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Flowers are a staple gift for loved ones seeking to show affection through beauty. However, all too often people resort to the same predictable blooms without considering newer options. While classics like roses or tulips never disappoint, your gift's impact relies not on familiarity but on how it makes the recipient feel - surprised, cared for, understood. Here are a few options for a romantic flower delivery in Conroe for your woman!

1. Lisianthus

Lisianthus, also called Texas bluebell or grass widows, has a nice floral fragrance without being overpowering. Their shapes reminds some of the rose blossoms but come in a wide color range beyond just pink and red. Lisianthus keep their beauty for longer than most cut flowers, often lasting over a week. You can find them in solid colors or two-toned flowers for your girlfriend.

2. Carnations

Most think of carnations as low-cost and one of the best flowers to get a girl plus you get them at almost every grocery store. However, new hybrids come in original hues beyond just red and pink, like coral, apricot, purple, or lime green. Carnations have a spicy scent and stay fresh for around 10 days. Consider choosing an unusual carnation color to show you put extra thought into your gift.

3. Chrysanthemums

While chrysanthemums, also called mums, are a traditional fall flower, their dozens of possible color variations mean they can work year-round as a gift. Look for types of flowers to give a girl in shades like burgundy, bronze, apricot, or lavender rather than just typical yellows and whites. Mums bloom for a very long time at around 3 weeks, keeping your gift looking beautiful.

4. Ranunculus

Ranunculus have a gorgeous texture resembling tiny pom poms or spheres. Their petals have a subtle iridescent, watercolor effect occurring in shades like rose, coral, crimson, and chartreuse. Though fragile looking, ranunculus stays lovely for 10-14 days when cut. Their unique shape and varied hues make them a special flower selection, especially the best flowers for a girlfriend.

5. Peonies

Peonies come across as almost too beautiful to be real with their oversized, ruffled blooms at many flower shops in Conroe TX. Though soft pinks are most common, types grow in shades like deep burgundy, coral-red, ivory, or yellow too. Peonies have a wonderful sweet fragrance and last 7-10 days after cutting, perfect timing for a mid-week gift. Look for unusual peony hues beyond just light pink.

6. Hydrangeas

While hydrangeas are widely popular now, new vibrant colors go beyond the standard blues and pinks. You can find types with intensely vivid hues like burgundy, lime green, orange, or rich purple blooms. Unlike typical flowers at many florists in Conroe Texas, hydrangeas can retain their luxurious shape dried for lasting memories after fresh. Consider giving hydrangeas for a romantic spring or summer date.

7. Daffodils

Known for signaling spring's arrival, daffodils still feel special as a floral gift any season. Look beyond just typical yellow flowers for her to discover white, pink, or orange varieties too. Daffodils hold their perky shape over a very long vase life of 2-3 weeks. Even after yellow blossoms fade, their green foliage remains attractive. Daffodils brighten any space with their cheerful presence no doubt they are a great option for local flower delivery in Woodlands TX.

8. Tulips

While tulips evoke spring romance, fewer realize the vast color palate beyond basic red or yellow. Shades like lavender, apricot, plum, lilac, or peach make a bolder gift statement. Tulips hold their upright presence for around 2 weeks with proper care. Consider surprising with flowers for your wife that have unusual multi-colored or flamed petals in unique hues beyond ordinary solids.

9. Orchids

Though often thought expensive, mini Phalaenopsis orchids stay affordable as a loving gesture. Their exotic flower for girlfriends comes in stunning colors beyond traditional whites, like vibrant pink, deep purple, or sunny yellow with subtle spotting or stripes. Orchids last at least 4 weeks with care, offering continuous delight. Even if low maintenance, orchids show you have given high thought to your gift.

Send smiles today with a Conroe flower delivery from Baker's Bouquet. Choose from our artfully arranged assortment of cut flowers and start creating joy!

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