Carnation Flower Meaning and Color Guide

The meaning of a carnation depends on its color. But overall, carnations represent fascination, being special or unique, and love.

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Carnations can communicate a lot without words. These common flowers are popular choices at florists and are given for many events like birthdays and retirements. The meaning of a carnation depends on its color. But overall, carnations represent fascination, being special or unique, and love. The love aspect includes a mother's deep care for her child as well as a partner's strong feelings for their spouse-to-be. Different colors add details to the message of love. To help you better grasp the message being given while giving or receiving carnations, this guide will explain the symbolic meanings associated with the various carnation flower colors.

History of carnations

Carnations are native to Mediterranean regions and Central Asia. The Latin word "carnis," which means flesh or flesh-colored, is where the word "carnation" originates. More than 2,000 years ago, carnations were originally grown in Greece and Turkey, and then they spread throughout all of Europe. When different colored carnations took on distinct meanings as a symbolic manner to transmit messages or feelings throughout the Victorian era, they became extremely popular flower choices. So, no doubt you can get these via Mother’s Day flower delivery in Conroe or for any occasion you like. Keep reading to know its various colors and meanings!

Common Carnation Colors and What They Signify

Red Carnations - Love and Admiration

Nearly everyone agrees that the color red is a symbol of passion and love. Traditionally, red carnations have been associated with love, respect, and appreciation, making them suitable happy Mother's Day flowers. To express these personal feelings, they are frequently presented on occasions like Mother's Day, marriages, or anniversaries. On Mother's Day in particular, sending your mom red carnations from a local florist in Conroe TX lets her know how much you cherish and admire her.

Pink Carnations - Happiness and Grace

The delicate pink carnation means happiness, gentle love, and good luck. Pink carnations represent a sweet, innocent affection and are cheerful in nature. They could be presented to wish someone happiness on an occasion or to brighten someone's day with their cheerful appearance. On Mother's Day, a pink carnation flower for mom is a lovely way to celebrate your mom and share well-wishes of joy and delight.

White Carnations - Innocence and Pure Love

Similar to their meaning in other flower types, white carnations mean and represent innocence, sweetness, and purity. They also symbolize good luck, prosperity, and protection from harm. White carnations are ideal for sharing with someone you care for innocently yet profoundly, like a mother. Send flowers for Mother’s Day- white carnations will tell your mom you cherish her guidance, support, and pure motherly love in your life.

Yellow Carnations - Disdain and Rejection

In contrast to their positive counterparts, yellow carnations hold negative meanings. They are used to convey disappointment, disdain, and rejection. For this reason, yellow carnations should generally be avoided as a gift choice for ordering Mother’s Day flowers. On Mother's Day, you certainly do not wish to imply any negative sentiments towards your caring mom because it may not be the appropriate Mother's Day color!

Stripped Carnations - Sorry or 'No'

Carnations with stripes of alternating colors also carry symbolic messages and they may not be the best flowers for Mother’s Day. Striped red and white carnations mean "I cannot be with you" or "no", while striped pink and white carnations send an apology or "I'm sorry" message. If you are searching for Mother’s Day flowers online, striped carnations would be inappropriate unless you have a very good reason for apologizing or declining!

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