Prices and More Information

The prices listed below are our starting prices for our cakes. All of our circular cakes have 2 layers, making them about 4 inches tall. The prices may increase depending on the complexity of design, if we add fondant, edible images or toppers. Please note that the serving sizes listed are for event sizes, which may be a smaller portion size than one would eat in a personal setting. If there are are any specific flavors that you want but you don't see on our list, give us a call and we can see if we can make it! We also make pies, in pretty much any flavor you can think of! 

We can make keto, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free cakes and desserts, though these may have an additional charge because the cost of the ingredients.

6"-12 servings and starts at $60

8"-24 servings and starts at $75

10"-38 servings and starts at $90

12"-56 servings and starts at $110

14"-78 servings and starts at $150

16"-100 servings and starts at $175

                             9x13 single layer- 25 servings and starts at $65

                             8x13 double layer- 50 servings and starts at $85

                            1/2 sheet cake single layer- 50 servings and starts at $105

                            1/2 sheet double later- 100 servings and starts at $160

                            Full sheet single layer- 100 servings starts at $175

                            Full sheet double layer- 200 servings and starts at $200

Cake flavors

Premium Flavors 

Icing Flavors


  • Wedding White
  • Decadent Chocolate     
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Marble
  • Coconut
  • Snickerdoodle                 
  • Red Velvet
  • Carrot
  • German Chocolate
  • Amaretto
  • Italian Cream
  • Vanilla Butter Rum
  • Coconut Rum
  • Butter Cream   
  • Cream Cheese
  • Whipped
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter     
  • Raspberry
  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Cream Cheese
  • Milk Chocolate                
  • Pineapple

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